Time to Write 

Cast off your shoes, yank off the flannel shirt, roll up those jeans.  It’s time to dip your toes in the salt water.  Feel the harshness of the seaweed tangling around your ankles.  The sand gives out under the soles of your feet.  A larger wave presses into your knees and you lose your balance, but right yourself.  You venture further into the water and care not the denim is now saturated.  Your hands are pushed by the strength of the waves, and your fingers tickled by the drifting  plants.

You are weaving with the movement of the waves.  The push and pull of the ocean is almost a reminder of a lover’s touch.  An erotic memory causes you to blush despite your being alone.  A smile crosses your face as the memory deepens.  This is a memory of him. You let your mind explore the memory, the first meeting, and the times spent developing lasting love.  As the waves caress your body, you remember.  

Time To Write: Set The Scene