MLMM – Unfinished Dreams

Don’t turn away. I know, it’s hard to look at me. At first glance you see a broken doll, but that’s not all there is to me. I just have unfinished dreams. I’ve had an interesting life, as you can see by my face, I’ve been happy beyond measure and you can also see I had pain. The pain is still visible because even though most of it is in the past, recent sadness is lingering. That is why both sides are visible.  

I am only a doll. My feelings are displayed for all to see. Everything is shown in my rips and tears and sharp edges. There are parts that are cute or funny, even considered lovable. If you look closely, you will notice that all of my life experiences are visible. Come closer, take the time to think about what you see. It is all there, life, love, happiness, tragedy, sorrow, and in even closer observation you will see the dreams, some completed, others not yet fulfilled.

I’m not perfect, but each nuance represents a part of my past life. See the look in my eye? Stretch your imagination, see a dream yet to come true?


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