MLMM Saturdays Mix – Routine Morning

I’m almost ashamed to say I have a routine, at least every morning. It bothers me to admit this because I’ve always prided myself on being spontaneous. I still feel that way, in my mind, but after years of having that (quality) suppressed, life has turned into more of a routine. Of course some of it is caused by circumstances. No matter how much I would like to run up a mountain trail, be laying on the ferns or pine needles of a forest, it’s not possible. Well almost impossible….I probably could hire a big lug of a guy to carry me piggyback to a place like that, but I don’t see that happening.

The routine I have in the morning starts around 4-5:00AM. My neighbors vacuum at ten or later at night, but they also rise noisily at the above hour. That’s okay really, because it affords an opportunity of sorts, a trip to the bathroom to empty the ever present bag.

(The bag is a urostomy appliance I’ve been adorned with since 2015 and removal of my bladder after a cancer diagnosis. It’s where my name, The Bag Lady came from. It was my start at blogging, hoping to bring humor to a necessary, and eventually tolerable situation.) 

I don’t use the overnight bag and tubing that sticks to your legs and body all night, (similar to one used in the hospital if you had to be catheterized) because it is hot, plasticky against your skin, and has to be adjusted with every movement. So rising to empty the bag is a necessary part of the routine. Either that or a leak could occur, even with the two adhesive systems provided by the manufacturer. It’s amazing how much output there is when you’re sleeping. If you want to ask any questions, do so. I started the blog to offer help to people with my same condition, or if you’re just curious, I’ll answer those too.

Next up in the routine is washing, brushing my teeth, and combing my hair. After this bit, I go to the kitchen and turn on the electric burner, and empty the teakettle from yesterday’s water. I fill it with hot water and get a cup from the shelf. Since I can’t reach my cupboards, I have my everyday cups, plates, and bowls handy on the top of the dishwasher.  

I usually pick the cup pictured above. It holds a large cup of coffee and the handle stays cool for holding. I take a soup sized spoon and place four spoons of my favorite coffee concoction in the cup. When the teakettle whistles, I add the boiling water. I move it down and to the side so when stirring, I don’t spill any on my legs.  I leave the spoon in the cup and roll myself back to the bedroom.  I’ve tried putting the cup between my knees and rolling myself.  I’ll leave it to your imagination as to why I no longer do that!  I’ve found I can propel myself forward for quite a few feet by pushing against the counter. This helps because I have to hold the hot cup with one of my hands, so rolling myself doesn’t work. So back in my room, I settle in to read the blogs that have been written since the night before.


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