Daily Prompt:  Casual and Partner

Love is the connection between these two prompts, for me anyway.  Yes, I’m talking about love again, my favorite subject!  It can start out casual and even stay that way, but a true partner, a relationship between two people, requires a connection.  For me that connection is love.  It could be a friend in business that is your partner you trust completely.  A partner in life I wouldn’t call casual, but it may begin that way.  

The word casual is tossed around a lot these days combined with sex.  Personally, I can’t imagine sex with another person ever being casual, maybe I’m old school.  I’m not capable of thinking the most intimate and close contact with another person would ever be casual.  But then, I’m not a young vibrant human being either.  I grew up when even thinking about sex was sinful!  Yes, it is funny, and sad too.  If I only knew then what I know now…..probably we all think that about most things in life.

Love, partners, are serious subjects.  Casual –  well it’s just that, relaxed, unconcerned, temporary, irregular, all definitions from the Google dictionary. Now you tell me, is that a definition for love or a partner?