MLMM Saturdays Mix – 28 – Makes You Smile

A smile, or a satisfied grin, an expression of pride? Either of these might describe the look on my grandson’s face as he marched by in the parade.  

Some of the local high school marching bands chose to display their talents in the parades this week, celebrating our small city’s biggest annual event, Cheyenne Frontier Days. It is a much needed boost to our economy and it seems a great time is had by all. Probably the only complaints would be lack of parking on the streets, or the bruises of the rodeo participants.

Last year the band sported three of my grandchildren, one in flags, one carrying a bass drum and one doing cadence on his drums. This year the flag girl is in MT in the job core, the bass drum is in PA as a camp counselor, and we’re privileged to have a remaining member still with us. Children grow up so quickly, we have to enjoy every minute. This day of the week was a remembrance of breast cancer awareness, thus everything pink. Our high school band is one of the smallest here, but state champions!

Love that mustache!^^^^^^^^^

He HAS to have a sense of humor!^^^^^^^^

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