FFFAW – 28 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Jeff paddled faster, trying to reach the cave before the tide carried him out, wondering if he was too late, seeing no sign of life. Was he hiding in case they came looking? Surely they assumed he drowned. Jeff kept paddling and searched for a place to tether his small boat.  

He thought about the behavior of his young brother. Mike had always been headstrong and when this idea was brought up at dinner last week, he never imagined Mike would actually leave. However, the ads for adventure on the high seas took Mike’s mind back to pirate stories read as a boy. It wasn’t long before he had signed up to work for a few weeks as a hand on an “authentic” frigate of olden days. He left with the wish of experiencing a unique adventure.

The second night at sea the crew boarded a midsized vessel, acting as modern day pirates, scaring the ship’s occupants and stealing anything of value. Horrified, Mike pretended to go along, and when near to shore again, he jumped ship in the middle of the night.  

Jeff found him, safe. Homeward bound, Mike had no words, he felt deservedly foolish.