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Phones, cell phones, rotary phones, pay phones, all of them necessary but irritating at times.  I have no land line as they call it, only a cell phone.  The cell is necessary and portable so I don’t see the need for a stationary land line.  I have a Samsung and most of the time I have no problems with it.  It has Google and unfortunately Google wants everything else on my phone connected through it, such as games, game playstore, maps, search, video, music, etc.  I can’t imagine how desperate I would have to be to watch a movie on a small screened cell phone.

Lately I’ve been having problems.  Today especially, it would not recognize my touch, whether light or strong or held longer.  It caused a problem when I was talking to my sister two thousand miles away and she couldn’t hear me.  I pushed the speaker button but nothing happened.  People around me here text instead of call.  The small keyboard is not handy for arthritic fingers.  My grandson came over and his phone is a Samsung galaxy note?  It has a  larger keyboard, letters separated more, so less chance of hitting the wrong one, and other features.  My son, his uncle, gave it to him when my son bought a new phone.  

Now I am looking for a new one.  I think a refurbished, unlocked one may save money.  I thought if I purchased an iPhone instead of a Samsung I could coordinate between the iPad I have and the phone.  I was told today my iPad is too old for that convenience.  So here is my dilemma.  I need help on what type to get and is there any difference in them besides the amount of GB you want and the visual effects?  I would appreciate advice. At the moment I have the Straight talk no contract plan and like it.  I could go through them, but still can’t decide on what phone would be best.  And I have IOS 10 on the iPad, does that make a difference on a phone?  And all the different numbered versions, is there a big difference between 4 and 7 or 8, and what is it? Help! 😱


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  1. How about the battery? Have you seen about it replaced? I clean my phone almost daily. Mine is around 2 years old. It has the Nougat version of Android. I have a iPhone 5 yet it is not as good as the Android. I seldom use the iPhone anymore. I keep it as a backup phone. It’s unlocked. Good luck, hope you get it sorted, as it is probably a lifeline for you? Cheers Jamie

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    1. Yes it is, I have it with me constantly. I learned that the hard way!😂I took it apart and reset it and it’s working again. I’m surprised you prefer it to the iPhone. The Samsung my grandson received has a better keyboard, larger screen. I might need to upgrade.🌸


    2. I have large fingers. The iPone 5 is a small device, using the keyboard always has errors of use. The Samsung Note 5 is much larger and entering text is consequently much easier. As well, I use the s-pen almost everyday. That device is a real winner. All cellphones are ridiculously expensive, no matter which carrier or device. I customize mine for my use and have more apps. than I really need. My sister uses her iPhone 6 and sticks with it. All my other devices are Apple products, I wish it were easier to use the phone with them but it still works through a clunky method of Chrome and Google Drive … sigh! Cheers Jamie


  2. All you might need to do is “clean it”? Also restarting might solve your troubles? I use the app. Power Clean … it’s free so price is right. When my phone ceases to recognize me A restart is in order. Good luck! Cheers Jamie

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