SYW – July 17, 2017

Monday again, and the most I have accomplished is washing and drying all of my bedding.  And repairing my mattress.  It’s time for a new bed and new mattress.  It takes a long time and a lot of wriggling and strength to undo or make my king sized bed.  It was purchased when I could still walk, when wanting a large one so my tossing and turning from pain didn’t keep my husband up all night.  Of course he slept like a log!  But now I can’t make it myself, especially because there is carpet in the bedroom of my apartment.  The bed does not move!  So, another Monday……only good thing about it is the Share Your World from!  So here are her questions and my answers.  Please join in, it’s fun!  We need fun, it’s Monday!

1.  What’s your favorite cheese?

I have to say, many!  I love cheese.  I fixed different ones on different occasions when catering.  Probably on the top of the list would be white cheddar with carroway.  I can’t find it here, so I really miss it!

2.  Are you right or left handed?

I am right handed.  Both of my sons are lefties!

3.  Do you prefer exercising you mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

Is this a trick question?  Yikes!  I don’t exercise my body in the typical sense, because it’s a pita!  Strike that, it’s because there’s no pita!  I try to exercise my mind everyday.  Some days, meh….

4.  Complete this sentence:  Hot days are…like Suze said, hot!  I don’t get out much, so it doesn’t bother me.  There are certain advantages to being disabled.  But I must add I like the cold better.  Heat, sweating, doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t sunbathe or swim, or wear skimpy clothing.  So it’s cold for me. I actually prefer Autumn, spring next.

I am grateful that – now don’t laugh – that Game of Thrones is back.  Think I’m addicted to it.  And this week, actually tomorrow, I’m going to Fort Collins, CO for the day.  Should be great fun with my daughter and granddaughter.

Share Your World – July 17, 2017


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