FFFAW – July 18, 2017


I haven’t counted them, but get weary just looking at them. He said it would be just over the top, go up the stairs, and you’ll find it. I’m able to walk even in my “golden years”. I wonder whoever thought up that phrase? Probably some twenty-something….There are many steps and they don’t look reliable.

My father died, just over this ridge, and he’s supposed to be buried there. I’ve traveled all the way from America to see his grave. There aren’t many who were buried where they fell. The war was still going on and I thank the soldier who took the I initiative to  bury my father properly.

I’m taking my time, a few more steps and I can say goodbye.



3 thoughts on “FFFAW – July 18, 2017

  1. Hmmm thirty seven steps in the picture. I was rooting for thirty nine. Like the Alfred Hitchcock film. Maybe there are? Perhaps more? It was difficult to count accurately especially toward the top. Cheers Jamie.

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