MLMM – Sunday Prompt – Love & Flowers

It seems so simple at the start. A chance meeting on a social site, a play of words between two lonely people. It is disguised as a fun interlude, passing the time to dispel the humdrum of the necessary parts of life.  

This is the intent, starting out with flirtatious innuendos, nervous laughter, and then it happens. The more serious side, being needy and expressing thoughts and hopes of a deeper connection. Almost an addiction results. Love poems, flowers, more secretive meetings, all in the name of love.

It seems safe at the start. Anything can be written or said if not actually face to face. Is this the problem or the saving grace for two people who think they are in love?

Poems, stories, books, cinema, plays, all the greatest authors have written volumes about it. Psychologists and philosophers think and teach and even preach about it. Does anyone really understand it?  

What makes two people who never see each other, never really meet, fall in what they think is love? Is it possible to meet a soulmate through a screen, or phone? If the answer is clear, why isn’t there a book written on this phenomenon, a guide book instructing people on how to act or what to say or what not to do? Is it because everyone no matter who they are or where, what their situation is, crave love, and seek it, even remotely? There are no clear answers.

7 thoughts on “MLMM – Sunday Prompt – Love & Flowers

  1. My sweet husband and I met online, Cheryl. I think what worked, and continues to work, for us is that we’re very clear about our reasons to connect and to continue connecting. Perhaps not romantic. Infinitely satisfying! πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

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  2. It’s called fantasyland you can then imagine they are the perfect partner in every way…… then you meet them and 😩 apart from my John obviously πŸ™„


  3. thanks for playing the Sunday writing prompt πŸ™‚

    I like you’re approach here – it takes a closer look at how we understand and relate, to each other, and the idea of love – and certainly, in the age of technology, what this means, or doesn’t. And surely, how can anyone know anything for sure? Experts on everything under the sun, and yet, all the answers and “evidence” contradicts – one size doesn’t fit all – and certainly, there are so many who are wandering lonely – it makes for “interesting” dynamics – but it doesn’t seem to clarify anything.


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