Daily Post Prompt: Passenger

Charles routinely spun the black discs in the booth every afternoon. He was expected to entertain the Woolwart shoppers with lively notes of the latest, most popular music to keep them entertained, happy, and most of all, lingering around the five and dime.  It was Mr. Woolwart’s intent to keep the customers relaxed and humming, looking for something they didn’t actually need, and spending their money.  

Charles enjoyed his job and felt empowered by his employer.  He was so adept at choosing the right records to play, he was given carte blanche to entertain.  The booth was a small glassed in enclosure and while the music was playing, he could enjoy the reactions of the shoppers.  The record section of the Woolwart store was small, but Charles did honor a few requests.

This hot, steamy Saturday afternoon, Charles was not the only person in Farnswood, Pennsylvania taking advantage of the air conditioning.  Shopping at Woolwart was becoming a retreat for the locals. Sipping ice cold Coca Cola from a chilled glass bottle was welcome refreshment and the store owner made sure the locked chest was full.  Mr. Woolwart was a  practiced salesman and knew keeping his customers happy resulted in more visits to his establishment. 

Charles set the next song spinning on the turntable.  “Rock Around the Clock” filled the speakers and contented consumers were passengers on the rock and roll train.



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