Sunday Photo Fiction – A Fairy!


“I see you!” The small girl peered into the hole again. She wanted to see the fairy again. She thought they were real. She was fascinated by the many stories she’d been told, and every day she walked near the woods looking for them. She would part the grasses and wild flower beds hoping to spy a small creature hiding there. She knew they hid well because no other children in her neighborhood claimed to see one. They all wished for it because their parents also told stories of them.

This afternoon she was curious about this wooden fence around the leafed hole. She thought it had to be something magical. Sure enough when she first spotted the hole, she saw movement. It could have been a bee, or a dragonfly, perhaps a small butterfly, but she had wished to see a fairy for such a long time, it must be a fairy!

She settled on the grass, quiet and patient to see the creature again. A tiny wings’s flutter heard, she carefully looked over the woods’s edge. There it was! She could hardly keep from touching it. Now she knew. Fairies were real.

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