FFFPP – 25

It should be right down here, ah, yes, in this section. The librarian steered them to the section they were hoping for. The book should be close at hand.  

Jack ran his hand over the books as he walked down the aisle, finally resting on the one they wanted. He lifted it off the shelf and turned to see if anyone was observing them. No one was near and he opened the book carefully. Searching through the pages, he found the one that held the clue. Page 223, second paragraph, first sentence: “At this moment, Jeffrey opened the letter and read the words he had been waiting for, “Meet me at midnight at the Crosstown Bridge”.  

Jack closed the book and placed it back on the shelf. The third clue in the Rotary Club’s mystery dinner fund raiser was found. Jack and his three teammates were fast becoming the annual winners. The fund raiser was held every year and benefitted the local area’s charities. It was an open invitation to teams of four for a considerable donation. Jack’s team had won the competition three years in a row. Now, off to the Crosstown Bridge!