Picture Prompt:  170 – Howling at the Moon

“Is that Ziggy howling again?” Millie rolled over and nudged Merrill with her paw. How he could sleep through all that yowling by the neighbors, she did not know. Ziggy was always howling about something.

First it was Zelda. She left Ziggy for another wolf down in the next county. That found him howling endlessly for a couple of weeks. Then Ziggy’s pup got captured by the local animal police for tearing into some garbage bags in town. Why was that pup out by himself? Millie was disgusted by Ziggy’s parenting habits. We normal wolf families keep track of each other.  

Ziggy was a freak of nature, she chuckled to herself. Finally, he stopped. The moon had gone behind the clouds. Millie snuggled into Merrill’s back and went back to sleep.



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