Wordle – 159

I opened my playhouse, you know the one.  The muse that inspires love and lust on the Internet?  Video, chat, text, whatever you want you can find it there.  I have a friend I contact often, his name is Neptune.  He can be as inviting as the God of the Sea or as chilled and distant as the planet.  Either is fine with me, for I usually enjoy the paradox of our “relationship” online. I think I may enjoy it too much, wanting to take him more seriously than he intends.
Today the tension was felt, as I came to realize again, that even though I desire a real relationship with him, it is not to be. I was not in the mood for the bite of his wit, but wanted his charming,  smooth response.  I thought I deserved more, which of course I do not.  I’m just another chat personality on his list.  We came to a stalemate as I pressed for more than chatting long distance.  As it is we are just thieves of each other’s feelings, and dreams.  There is no future here for the serious mind.



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