MLMM – Stories by Five – Surprises

Xar gathered up as much lavender as he could hold. It was the favorite of his lover, Xanthe, and he wanted to surprise her with this bouquet. He was a romantic, but so was she, so any opportunity to build the fantasy and romance came naturally to him.
From the field, he walked into their small cottage and started to arrange the lavender in a container. A mischievous smile crossed his face and Xar cast aside the vase and decided to strew the scented bunch from the doorway to the upstairs bedroom.  
In the meantime, Xanthe was walking home from the village. She had purchased the finest chicken, potatoes, and vegetables available to surprise Xar with his favorite dinner. Entering their home from her shopping chores she saw the lavender blooms leading a trail to the upstairs. Putting down her shopping basket, she followed the trail of blooms up the creaking stairs.
Xar was waiting, on their bed, with the last strand of lavender in his teeth.

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