Penguin Prompt:  Relax

Thank you to for bringing a new Prompt to us.  You can read all about it at her site.  She has inspiring posts and quips, and is worth your time to read.  This week’s prompt is Relax.

I must admit Queen came to mind immediately, but that is the way of most words I see, straight to music that contains the word in the name or a feeling portrayed by the song. Music is how I relax at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s also what motivates me to clean the oven, get out of bed when I’m tired, and soothes me when I’m upset.


7 thoughts on “Penguin Prompt:  Relax

  1. When I think about Queen, I think Margrethe II of…. Denmark, of course 😛 Oh! We’re not talking about that kind of Queens? Ok… Let me try again then!

    When I think about Queen, I automatically get “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing loud in my head. Wayne World style, of course!

    And that almost always leads me to think about Garth lipsynching to “Foxy Lady”… *Sigh* Good memories…

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