First Line Friday – It was the Apron

Being tied to a chair was about as unpleasant as he imagined.  He squirmed a bit at the thought of being helpless, even though he knew there was no danger.  She often treated him in these ways, almost teasing him to turn it all into something more erotic.  But they loved each other and he could see nothing wrong indulging her in these fantasies.  He was anxiously anticipating what was coming next, when she walked out of the bedroom.  She was wearing nothing but a blue apron which covered almost all the necessary bits, except when she turned around, giving him the full affect.

He was starting to enjoy this although he had no idea where it was leading.  She had not done this before so he was intrigued by this new fantasy.  She had an exceptional imagination, always keeping their intimate moments fresh.  Her enactments of different scenarios always ended up pleasing them both.

She approached him with a blue scarf, scented with his favorite perfume.  She slowly tied it around his head and he almost laughed, partly because he was getting nervous, and partly because he was completely turned on.  He couldn’t see a thing but the perfumed scarf made him think of other times they travelled this road.

He felt her sit on his lap and then a big wet dollop of whipped cream was smeared on his face.  He loved whipped cream, and thought to himself that the chair was not so uncomfortable anymore.