Weekend Prompt:  Gratitude

When I look around at life

My lack of trouble also strife

I have reason to believe

It’s not hard to achieve

A feeling, not a platitude,

But just plain honest gratitude.

We all have something to be grateful for

Some have less, some have more

As for myself, I have plenty

And reasons I could write of many

Here for you, to contest

But first, let me stress

It’s not mine you need address

But your own you should express.

Let people know how much they matter

Write it down, send a letter

Handwritten, envelope and stamp

For them to hold, know they’re a champ.

We all have time to just write thanks

And let them know just why they rank

At the top of your thank you list

Don’t forget and let it go missed.



12 thoughts on “Weekend Prompt:  Gratitude

  1. Hi Cheryl, I have a favor that I ask for all my friends (I’m contacting more than 1000 of my friends, because they couldn’t find me)

    If you have no trouble opening my site you can ignore this message.
    I messed up my site link. I made a little change and got in big trouble.
    My old site (deleted, that’s why you can’t find me anymore)

    My new site is The Shower of Blessings (the “s” is in different place, so is the link)
    The new link is https://theshowerofblessings.wordpress.com

    You may have to click the new link and follow my new site again in order to see me show up in your Reader.

    Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Miriam

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  2. Write it down? send a letter?
    Lord i don’t know if it is better?
    All i know is that a letter, is sent express.

    To those who know that
    my letter, is not better
    than any of those:

    Who lack strife
    in their life..
    Because my wife

    Come’s back into my life
    after her attempt to find a visa
    One that’s not, because I really miss her

    But, because we find we cannot miss
    another minute of life
    apart… from each other

    Cheers Jamie

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