MLMM – Story Elements – Saber Malfunction

He took a long look in the glass. It wasn’t bad being Darth Vader. He took a napkin and wiped off his dirty cellphone so he could make a call. He had tried to use a lighter to get his light saber to work. He had read in Luke Skywalker’s latest book that even if your saber was really old, which Darth’s was, not to take your anger out on it. You could just use a lighter to start it up.

After getting in touch with the Supreme Commander to inform him he was running late, he decided to try Luke’s solution. Darth had no trouble using his mind to control most things, but that darn antique of a light saber was being ornery. He took Luke’s advice and after the saber was finally in working order, he was off to terrorize and train the new troops.

This was a fun challenge to use the words chosen in the order presented.  Thanks, MLMM!


4 thoughts on “MLMM – Story Elements – Saber Malfunction

  1. Ah, that ending. If anything, related to the franchise, it made me think of a strange disturbing peace. You managed to convey the “balance” described in Star Wars.

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