FFFPP – It’s your conscience speaking…

Stretch it out, get those knees unbuckled. Ignore the pain. Stretch those hamstrings. You can do it. Put your nose on those new shoes. They are beautiful–pricey, but worth it. They’re the inspiration for the new health kick you promised yourself. 

You know the one. Remember last night when you took that long critical look at yourself in the full length mirror? Yeah, that look. That’s when you decided you were on the downhill slope to an early demise. Too much coffee, cigarettes, tv, beer, popcorn and candy at the cinema, too much everything! Did you really think you could get away with that behavior and NOT look like that? 

These shoes hastily bought at nine forty-five last night, new workout clothes purchased just before the mall closed–do you think they thought you were desperate, which you were? Do you think trying to squeeze into the size large instead of the XXX was fooling the clerk?

 It is your fault, of course, but you’re worthy of redemption. You can do this. It’s not too late. You can lead a healthier life. I know you can. Stretch those legs! Ignore the pain. Treadmill? The bike looks easier…..


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