Global Warming

Global warming true

Our place in the universe

Is it tentative

Will only the fishes stay

Surviving in salt water?


8 thoughts on “Global Warming

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  2. If the radiation, pouring into the Pacific does not stop from Fukushima Daiichi? The fishes will be gone also. Yet Global Warming is something of a myth. The globe known as Earth has been much warmer in years past. Any type of warming of our planet is mostly because of our sun, Sol. Cheers Jamie

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    1. Yes, maybe that too? The thing about nuclear missiles is that it is indiscriminate radiation. So all of their fancy boats, ranches and holiday homes; will be unusable. As well, they’ll be living on canned goods in holes in the ground, for the next 100,000 years?

      Mostly, I think nuclear bombs are used for rhetoric. That and robbing the taxpayer. A taxpayer living in fear of the threats. So, taking a common element Uranium or Plutonium. Otherwise a cheap and useless element. They make the bomb, surrounding it with a delivery system, rockets or cruise. Building the roads, bunkers, silos, hardware and people. All paid for by the taxpayer. Allows for personal fiefdoms to be built by the hawks. Who wins? The bankers. All because we live in fear? Cheers Jamie

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  3. Love those words, great tanka, very true question, will the fish be the only survivors?
    Thanks for continually supporting the Weekly Tanka Challenge.
    Hope you are having a great week.

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