Sunday Photo Fiction – Who, Me?

Sunday Photo Fiction – Who, me?
A traitor you say?

I answer, nay! Nay!

There was no plot

For the blood spot

Found on your landing quay.

A beautiful ship

Docked on the slip?
I’m the captain of such a vessel.
To take my sword 
And act untoward?
I’d never cause such a peril.

Surely you jest

And I behest
I do no such grifting
I merely disembarked
Made a rude remark
To my mates as they were drifting.

Their apparent plan

Was to leave their captain
Aside when they left to pirate.
So the blood you see
Had not to do with thee,
But the companions on my frigate.

The captain turned

His fate overturned
Even gave him back his parrot
Which proved a rue
For the parrot spoke true:
Aye, the capn’s speech has no merit!

He spoke to your guard

Then drew his sword
And told his crew to be steady
The guard displaced
Thought it was safe
To plunder and had canons ready.

His parrot revolted

The captain bolted
Thought his crew left him abandoned
But then he escaped
As the shore was draped
In a barrage from the ships cannons.


The real truth of this tale

Similar to the white whale
Is spoken of by the parrot.
The captain lied
Eventually died
He should have chosen a ferret.

(I give up on spacing……apparently!)


5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Who, Me?

  1. I actually have one of those and it is on my other blog … not really into them anyway. It’s nice an’ all but not really my bag. But hey! Thanks for that! You’re a peach! Cheers Jamie.


  2. Having seen the real gate, a few times over the years as a tourist. I find the sign a little surreal. I mean do the so-called traitors, need a sign to tell them?

    They should be dragging the Westminster elites, out through it. For they have destroyed much of the Common Law system in UK. As well as the pedophile rings that now run amok on both sides of the border. They shut down the investigations and inquiries into them, with scant regard for those used and abused. Jimmy Savile got away with it because he was connected and they needed what he was supplying. Still not coming clean over Brexit, the destruction of British armed forces. As they are still moving forward integrating them into EU. Brexit is a farce of comic proportion. … Sigh! Cheers Jamie.

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