Word Prompt-88  Island

“No man is an island…” John Donne

Probably this is what most of us thought of when viewing this Prompt. I have to differ with the old poet. We may not actually be adrift at sea by ourselves, but we can surely feel like it at times. And my meaning of the quote is alone, lonely, lonesome, for something, you may not even know what. 

I feel like that many times, and it’s not because of my situation, or that I’m a widow, or handicapped, although those may be subconscious feelings I don’t want to let in. It’s because each of us, no matter what our circumstances, our family life, friends, work, whatever, are ultimately by ourselves. I remember standing up at a meeting to voice my opinion.  Before the meeting, many people were “with” me.  When it came time to stand up, I was the only one. This is an example of what I mean by being by yourself.  You have yourself, and sometimes you need to have the strength to know that’s okay, it’s enough. 



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