Picture Prompt – 143 – My Aching Feet

Sitting here by the pool
Don’t take me for any fool
My dress is discreet
While dangling my feet
In the blue water oh so cool.

To complete my innocent look
I’m pretending to read a book
I’m hoping to snare
An observer rare
My appearance is just a hook.

I want a man, not just any fare,
But a thoughtful one beyond compare
That sees I obviously have a brain
And dress so no one can complain
Just showing feet that are bare.

Sounds like deceit I hear you scold,
The whole story you haven’t told
You’re seeking a dream
A ridiculous scheme
You need someone much wiser, or old.

I suppose they’re right
I shouldn’t fight
To retrieve what yet isn’t mine
Wise? I can hope, but also fine
Of this type, is there a blight?

I hope for my sake
My search will not take
Hours here in the pool
It’s starting to cool
And my feet are starting to ache.