MLMM – Wordle – 155

It’s kismet, that’s what they used to say, when something you thought was elusive and unexpected, but deserved, comes your way. It’s usually a shard of something you never thought would occur, especially at thirteen. But it came, the realization of your gift of youth.

At this point in your short span of life you cannot grasp the magnitude of many things, especially not your abilities or advantages. You look to your grandfather, sitting in his chair, feeling disgraced by his lack of self control. You feel helpless as he concentrates on ketas while you are just happy not to be weeding the garden. He would probably love to be able do that simple chore.

It’s no disgrace at your age to enjoy the day, and your friends that engulf you with their jokes and laughter. The colors of your world are bright and your grandfather’s are dimming.


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