FFFPP – Week 21

There it is, the huge contraption that will ruin my life. Funny how odd it is to think of all the plans I made, the years of trying everything to find no solution. All of that comes down to this bright orange monstrosity just sitting there so innocently. 
Who would have thought my plans, even my final success would be spoiled by such a machine? This whole area was a dump, a garbage dump, a place for unwanted refuse and trash. It was a perfect place for her to rest. If rest was indeed her goal, I’ll never know or want to. In her lifetime she was deceitful, uncaring and cruel. The fact that now I am a product and copy of that does hold some irony. But it was the only answer. The sudden disappearance of an old retired government worker, who would really care?  

No one, that’s who! She cared for no one. It took me a few years to realize I had not met the woman I thought I adored at first sight. Years of being blamed for everything. Yes, it was all me. And in the end, it WAS me.