Tale Weaver – Flamhsures

Joe was an accomplished con man. He could run the flamhsures scam better than anyone. It took practice and at his age, he had plenty. The trick required a couple of extra grifters who also knew how to pull off a con with no mistakes. Being in the business a long time, he knew who he could trust, and there were only a few.  

The nature of a con game is to trust no one while fooling the mark into completely trusting you! This game has been practiced since day one. You might even say the serpent in the garden was one. But Joe was one of the best. The fact he’d been pulling off these scams without spending one day in jail was well known in the underground, but apparently not by the law.

Joe had made the plans already, he just needed two extras to help him pull it off. He phoned the two he trusted most and they decided to meet at a bar close by. Joe explained the trickiest con of all, the flamhsures. The other guys had no experience with it, so just listened. The flamhsures consisted of trickery, deception, illusion, and distraction. All segments had to coincide perfectly to ensure success. It was the ultimate magic trick of the con artist.



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