Daily Prompt: Final

I was laying there having a spinal
While they fiddled around the vaginal
Now don’t lose your feet
I’m always discreet.
I was laying there till the final
Doctor finished with all that was vital
Anyway, according to his title
Should know what to do; it’s primal
To complete what I need
But he worked with such speed
Made me wonder if he had a title.
Or could he be homicidal?

When he finished I was revived
Still no pain, guess I had survived
When they lifted the blue piece of vinyl
I realized I was in denial
Operation so crude
I had been tattooed!
With a vision so horribly tribal
To the mirror I stumbled
Then heard the “crowd” mumble
This tat is going to go viral!



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Final

  1. Hehe … I know it’s your poetry done in jest but this hits close to the bone.

    I have seen a very few, survivors of the gulags of Europe. Hitler and Stalin forced many of their people into them. It was not just the Jews who were subject to those terrors. The peoples of the gulag had tattoos of their number on the arms. These days it will be microchips. Maybe both? Which is why I will not subject my body to them, tattoos. For it reminds me I’m not in a gulag yet. Tattooing has been used by many cultures. Most notably Polynesian, yet not exclusively. I suppose those, like my son, who do them willingly. They perceive tattoos as an art form? As we age tattoos take on the form of spider veins. The inks fade. The body wrinkles. I will not succumb to any tattoo, so in my mind I am free ….. BTW was that really an experience of having spinal work that ended up in the lady parts, or just because it rhymed? Cheers Jamie

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