Photo Fiction – 87

Jared gazed lovingly at the stained and rusted keys. Running his fingers over the old keys, many memories flooded his mind. He smiled to himself as he remembered the first lesson he was reluctant to attend. Of course his father insisted,  as many parents do. It was part of his father’s teachings, so Jared would be accepted by members of the family he had never met.

Growing up, Jared’s father was the black sheep relative. Nothing was expected of him as an adult but to stay away from the society of his youth. That was easy to accomplish since Brooklyn was quite a distance from their upstate mansion. Jared’s father left that area as soon as he was able, taking his savings and living in the city. He received his inheritance at twenty-one, using it to live as he pursued his love of music. Jared grew to share his father’s love and admiration of music and became a talented pianist.

Jared’s parents were not well to do, but any extra money went into lessons by the best teachers his father could find. Their plans paid off with Jared earning a scholarship to Juilliard.  Jared was incredulous to be schooled in the same conservatory as John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, and Itzhak Perlman. The audition went well and he was accepted.

That was the beginning of Jared’s life as a concert pianist. His father’s dream came true through his son. Jared’s father sent an anonymous invitation to his parents in upstate New York for a concert.  He was beyond proud and wanted them to be surprised when they realized who was performing.  

The special night came and Jared’s grandparents were there, watching in amazement as Jared performed. Their son had accomplished something after all, raising and training a beautiful pianist.


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