Saturday – Hmmm

I cleaned out the refrigerator.  Found beef sausage, cabbage that needed to be used, onion.  My middle son calls this German cooking.  I sliced everything and since I was so hungry at the time, I used canned white potatoes.  I didn’t want to wait for the “real” ones to cook.  Besides, the large baking potato is another meal in itself.

It only took about fifteen minutes after I cleaned up the cutting board, knives, spilled onion outside leaves, and a few airborne cabbage bits.  Yes, I admit I’m a messy cook.  Delicious, if I do say so.  I am a simple….watch out what you’re thinking now… cook.

 One of my sandwich specialties is tuna salad.  Care to join me?  Wait, I need celery for that.  Wait till Wednesday, pay day, then come.🙄🌸



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    1. Not sure whether you were familiar with that pair of ducks? She was an odd one but very successful in post WW2 Britain. So after I wrote my comment realized I had to give you a clue … Cheers Jamie

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