Sunday Photo Fiction


There it sits
In all it’s glory
Works in stints
Holds your stories
Communication elite
And it’s such a treat
No landline mess
I must confess
It’s a treasure
Beyond measure.
I have one of these
And use it with ease

I need it you see
It’s a fait accompli
For if I need help
Does no good to yelp
I need the phone
To undo my prone
Body that lies
On ceramic tiles.

So this item that’s pictured
May receive stricture.
You may be in doubt
I can’t live without
This modern convenience
But I need intervenience
Of the medical sort
To relay my report
“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

I hear you laughing, 
But it’s truly baffling
When you lose your cool
And fall off a stool
You need the phone
If you’re lying prone
On the kitchen floor
And can’t reach the door.

This “poem” is too long
So I’ll end with a song.
If you have a granny
Or even a nanny
You need a cell
To use if unwell.
The song? You ask
Oh, take me to task.
I’ll take this approach:
Remember Jim Croce?
With his song “Operator”?

Here it is:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. My mom has an uneasy relationship with modern phones, Cheryl, preferring the actual dial kind. Although she manages to use the cordless versions of the land lines, cell phone use eludes her. So she wears the alarm pendant around her neck to get help from the local EMTs when she needs it. 😉 xoxoM

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  2. Good poem of a difficult subject. Until her death my Mom wore an alarm around her neck … Not my favourite Jim Croce song but they’re all good Cheers Jamie.


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