Wordle #153 – Life in the Meeting Room

Similar to most institutions, there was a smattering of grass and flowers surrounding the building, and a makeshift garden for visitors to sit on whitewashed benches.  Of course these narrow seating areas were only for visitors and hardly visible to the men within.  The sheen of the outside of the building had an almost masquerade-like appearance, hiding the inner horrors.

The calm outside atmosphere revealed nothing of the price paid by the patients for their outbursts.  There was a daily quarrel in the meeting room, causing the orderlies and other medical personnel to scramble, trying to prevent harm to anyone.  Some of the more unstable patients would play rotten tricks on their “keepers” just to amuse themselves.  Some of the more severe pranks resulted in violence and the consequences unpleasant.  These men were usually isolated for a period of time.

It is not possible in this age to control vicious behavior in an upset, bothered mind.  It is unfortunate for those afflicted with extreme mental disease to be in these prisons, disguised as hospitals.  It is also sad for the incapable families of these individuals.



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