First Line Friday

Three hours into the desert their engine choked and buckled, rolling smoke into the pale blue sky. She didn’t say it. . . yet. Did she remind him the oil was low? Yes. Did she offer to fill it up before they started? Yes. Was she just about tired of him always being the “macho, I’m the man” type? Yes.  Was this the first and last time she would say “I told you so”? Definitely.

You know sometimes your mother is right.


2 thoughts on “First Line Friday

  1. Hmmm … reminds my of the time my Brother-in-law loaned me his car. I was staying with Mom and upon arriving home with the loaner. Did the usual checks of fluids, etc. When I went to check the oil. All I found was a few heavy goblets of sticky black stuff at the bottom of the dipstick.

    Later when mentioning it to them. They both said, “well the little red light wasn’t on”. I said “my dears, that light is to tell you the engine is about to expire, not that you should top the oil up”. That light is to tell you to pull over and go no further. … sigh! My sister and hubby are well appointed in many areas of life but engines just are not their forte.

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