A to Z Challenge – Z for Zydeco

Where Does Zydeco Come From?:

Zydeco music is a relatively new genre of world music, having come about as a style of its own in only the mid-1900s. It is a derivative of “La-La” music (the shared music of the Cajuns and the Creoles), as well as blues, jure’ (syncopated a cappella religious songs), and in more recent years, zydeco has taken many cues from R&B and even hip-hop, proving that it’s a constantly evolving genre.

What Does “Zydeco” Mean? – Story #1:

The word “zydeco” has two different stories to explain it. One is that it comes from the phrase “Les haricots sont pas sales”, meaning “the snap beans aren’t salty”. This phrase is a colloquial expression meaning that times are hard, and when spoken in the regional French, it’s pronounced “zy-dee-co sohn…” etc.

What Does “Zydeco” Mean? – Story #2:

The second often-accepted meaning of the word “zydeco” is that it comes from the word “zari”, which means dance.

The word “zari” is found in several West African languages (in various similar forms).

Zydeco Instrumentation:

Zydeco bands generally include an accordion, a modified washboard called a frottoir, electric guitar, bass and drums. Secondary zydeco instruments include fiddles, keyboards and horns.

No matter what the origin or opinion of this type of music, you have got to love the way this guy dances!Wow!🤠

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  1. I learned to love zydeco during my time in New Orleans. One of my friends was in a local band. It’s always fun, and one can’t help but dance when the party is rolling. Great job on the challenge! 😃

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    1. Hello! I just was able to get your site today, and I’ve been trying for a while. I skimmed down your movie choices and I have to agree. Some great ones. I love movies, new and old. Twinkies too although I will not admit it! Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. And now I know where you are, I’ll be able to read and comment…..🖐🏻🖖🏼
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