Stream of Consciousness Saturday – 4-29-17

Howdy doody! It’s Saturday SoCS by and we’re off with the Prompt “yard.”I’m in an apartment now and don’t have a yard. Besides the maintenance, I miss it very much. 
In Colorado at my old home built in 1940, we had a nice yard. Crab apple trees would be in full pink blooms today, the Forsythia in yellow, and the Bridal Veil in white. The English Sparrow babies would be peeking in and bobbing up and down outside the porch windows. The Iris would be in full bloom, along with white, lavender, and purple lilac bushes. The Colorado state flower, the blue Columbine, would be coming up and the Peony bushes budding. We lived on the Western slope where it was a near perfect seasoned climate. When it snowed in the higher mountains we were privileged to see beautiful snow topped peaks. I could go on, but you get the point, loved it!