Tale Weaver-117-The Briefcase

“He certainly didn’t look like a thief! Just look at him, suit, tie, nice haircut, you’d think he just stepped out of a GQ magazine! Well I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover…” Margie went on and her sister June was wondering why it mattered so much. He didn’t use a gun or anything, he just took another person’s briefcase. 

Margie loved waiting here in the terminal for their flight. Imagining all of the people’s secret lives was fun for her. She would make up stories in her mind about them and of course there were the obvious ones. No mystery involved when seeing a tired mother with two children hanging on her, asking for snacks, while the father carries the baby trying to walk and feed him at the same time. No, not much mystery to them.  

June was still observing the young man being handcuffed and led to the back room. She was curious as to the contents of the briefcase he tried to steal. Surely there was an interesting story behind it.

The loudspeaker came on and the announcer tried to reassure everyone to remain calm, everything was handled, it was just a misunderstanding, no need to worry.

“Not to worry? A thief running around and we shouldn’t worry?” Margie was being dramatic as usual. June just nodded. But she was curious about the man and the briefcase.  

“Flight 243 for Cincinnati, boarding at Gate 12”. Margie picked up her bag and the two sisters started down the terminal to Gate 12. June looked around and spied the man carrying the same briefcase he “stole” and in line to board a flight for Washington, DC. Now June was more curious than ever. At least she would have a good diary entry tonight.



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