Daily Prompt:  Blanket or blankie😊


This is a perfect word for today.  My daughter called to ask if I would join her to find a piece of material to sew my granddaughter’s blankie on.  It’s pretty shredded after ten years and she sleeps soundly, so we think sewing the stringy part down on another piece of material and leaving the rest loose for hugging, would be a safe idea.  

Of course when we got to the store, there were myriads of lovable soft fabrics to choose from.  We spotted black and white soccer ball fabric which we mated with another soccer printed fabric piece that had pinks of different shades.  Cool!  Of course that was an extra blanket project.  We bought a piece of fleece that was green with her favorite, frogs on it and are backing it with material to match the blankie.  

Interesting to note, the store had a sign reading, if you need help ask a helpful team member.  I thought that was funny.  Since we needed the soccer fabric on a high shelf, we needed to ask.  I saw a tall gentleman waiting on another customer.  Rolled up and asked if he was a helpful team member.  He laughed and with a delightful English accent, said yes.  He said they just got that new soccer fabric in.  He was the store manager.  We chatted about soccer and he told us he coached professionally in New York and could make a living doing it, but here you can’t.  He tried coaching on the side but his job gives him no extra time to do it.  He gets nostalgic for it in autumn.  He was an interesting man, and it would be great to have someone like that coach our kids. 
To make a short story long, we found the fabric and many other items we would love to have, but were surprisingly frugal🙄, actually we were “end of the month” forced to be! 😂Fabric was half price so we lucked out.



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