Write Anything Wednesday #105

I try not to share everything here because I really don’t know who may be reading.  After all I have shared you’d hardly think that possible, right?  But some things go too deep causing unwanted feelings of sadness or sorrow, which is not really my point in writing here.  I try to remain positive and do write some fiction that is sad, but it is not the real me.  On the whole I am a happy person.  I know what you’re thinking, the lady doth protest too much.  But seriously, I am.  This past month has been a bad one and when I think of it in detail I realize the political situation here in the US has a lot to do with it.  I try to skip that arena because it’s not why I started this blog.  On the other hand – not to sound wishywashy – if we don’t want this to continue we all need to speak up.  I am currently feeling powerless and that’s not me.  


4 thoughts on “Write Anything Wednesday #105

  1. As you might have noticed, Cheryl, I’m a supporter of stand in your own power, speak your truth. It’s not just about politics, it’s about life in general. I’ve also noticed that your fiction also speaks Truth. πŸ˜‰ xoM

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  2. Keep smiling ! You brighten my day every day. A welcome release from everyday happening….. out of darkness comes light, you riding on your white horse πŸ¦„ ok it’s a unicorn, don’t be ungrateful it was the best I could do at short notice 🌹

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