Photo Fiction-85-The Astronaut

She was in the shower. It was going to be a busy day today. Shopping for the big dinner with mom and dad, sisters, family. Trying to concentrate on the menu, she heard nothing outside the roar of the shower stream. Every day she thanked her dad for recommending the more expensive shower . The many jets were soothing for her muscles after her workouts.   

Jane was a fairly ordinary woman. After college she found a good job teaching high school Media, Advertising and Public Relations. The students were fairly easy because they enjoyed these subjects. Being young she also fit in well with them. Her interests bordered on the young side also, situation comedies, science fiction, and television series such as Supernatural, and Dr. Who appealed to her.  

She dressed and was ready to leave for the supermarket when she heard a crash. Not easily frightened, she went down to investigate. The house was quite old and the basement had lots of antiques, junk as she thought. Renting this p she was told not to go down there because it contained the owner’s stored items. She unlocked the door and went down the steps. She could see a huge mirror in the back was shattered. Besides the broken glass she didn’t see anything else. Thinking it was just old and probably cracked in the first place, she wasn’t particularly surprised. Jane turned to go up the stairs to call her landlord.  

As she turned she was surprised to see what looked like an astronaut standing near. She stepped back. She wasn’t scared, really, just curious, wondering if her wild imagination could be seeing things.

He spoke, “Don’t be frightened, I come in peace.”

Jane couldn’t help herself, and started laughing nervously. “Wait till I tell my students!”


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