Share Your World April 25, 2017

Hello!  I’m coming in late this week, but I have enjoyed reading the other shares.  I hope you all take the time to try ceenphotography’s SYW challenge.  She has interesting questions to let us learn about our fellow bloggers.  Here are my answers this week:

  1. The best and easiest way to quench my thirst is water.  I like to add citrus or cucumber if I have it.  I do love coffee and iced tea, but water does the trick.

    2.   Never in my life have I eaten shrimp, crickets, chocolate covered ants, or any other “buggy looking” food. 

    3.  If I could have any gift, it would be world peace.  That’s a dream of course.  A wonderful gift would be good health and safety for my kids and their kids.

    4.  When I can’t sleep it’s usually because I can’t quiet my thoughts, or my legs.  They seem to wake up when I’m ready to sleep. I usually do a puzzle until they relax.  If it’s my thoughts keeping me awake, I just sit up and write, seems to help.

I am grateful we had nice weather on Sunday so my son in law and kids could referee soccer.  It was snowing and icy rain during the week.  In fact it’s turning cold again tonight and snow expected in a couple of days, just in time for sports this weekend. Spring forgot to show up in Wyoming!

I am looking forward to spending time with my daughter this week.  We rarely have time for just the two of us, so it’s special.


13 thoughts on “Share Your World April 25, 2017

  1. World Peace? … Hmm you must be a Beauty contestant, or something? We all wish for Peace. Yet it seems to be mysteriously lacking, from the Banker’s vocabulary.

    In the 1950’s my aunt who was then living in US with her husband. Sent us, the family, different cans of those bugs in chocolate. I thought they were a joke? Chocolate covered raisins, etc?

    To quiet your leg muscles. You require magnesium. I prefer the type derived from kelp. Or sea water. It comes in a bottle with eye dropper. Be careful with the dosage. Some react to it with stomach upset. Why? Because Magnesium relaxes muscles … duh! Calcium has the opposite effect on muscles. Which is why women are becoming more susceptible to heart attacks. As they are encouraged to take calcium for bone structure. Magnesium will aid in sleeping, because it relaxes muscles. I was plagued with leg cramps at night, I started taking magnesium as a supplement. No more, thanks to the magnesium.

    Salt is comprised of both magnesium and sodium. The magnesium and other trace elements are refined out, to enable it to be poured. Which is why I only use unrefined sea salt or kosher salt. Just check the package to see, whether magnesium is present. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. I used to take the trip, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It didn’t help with RLS as much as I wanted but was better than nothing. All kinds of prescription meds never worked on them. I also used to take Vitamin E, daily V also, but no more. Now I don’t take anything at all.


    2. It’s not “us”, it’s the bankers. They control the media and the governments. The governments through blackmail and corruption. The media, through ownership.

      Liquid magnesium, diluted with water. May be rubbed directly onto affected areas. The skin will absorb. The thing about supplements are they are just that, supplements. Sometimes we need to use them because we do not get sufficient elsewhere. People are magnesium deprived but i am not a “professional”. You can find liquid magnesium at Amazon … where else? It will make a difference, I am sure. I never found as much relief with tablets.
      Cheers Jamie


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