A to Z Challenge – V for Vacillate

The word for me today is vacillate.  I was woken early, still dark outside and tried to go back to sleep.  No luck. Then I did it, looked on the phone for the forecast of weather.  Trump’s wall building pops up, then a blurb about our Wyoming government employee (representing?) us saying a complete (what I would call an old boy joke) to a group of high school students, embarrassing all citizens of this state, then as I thought I can’t stand this, I’m helpless to change anything, what’s this (United? States) coming to feeling washes over me and I just want to put the covers over my head and not come out, ever.

I check the email and get: picture of a black t-shirt with “depressed as f—” written on it.  I had to laugh.  So well timed.  And it’s only 23degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun is coming out.  I can not get back to sleep, so check FB for any new pictures of the kids.  I find a Twitter excerpt my oldest put on about baseball and have to share it, since my last post was about baseball being boring.  This is definitely not boring.

Sorry, you have to click it because I have no idea how to copy and paste a gif.  I’m getting out of bed for coffee……



2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – V for Vacillate

  1. Forgive me, but you don’t seem the vacillating sort. On the contrary, I get the sense you are quite decisive. Remember though, the world is a stage, and everything on the nightly news and in the newspapers is scripted.

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