“Rain Closet” Terminology

Bathroom, restroom, crapper or loo

Wherever you live the word depends on you

I rarely write of things so untidy

At least not since my kid’s out of didies

My original posts are personal, yes

Paints pictures of various points of undress

But now I think its time to address

Subjects that clearly make a mess

Of the Oxford dictionary set.

No matter what type of verbage is used

Some will consider these terms lewd

Such as comfort station which is just wacky

Or outhouse or throneroom is definitely lacking

In quality or finesse

Pardon me while I digress.

The subject was toilets I believe

A privy, a washroom, or latrine

And never let it be said 

I forgot washroom, the john, or the head

Then there’s watercloset, potty, dunny and can

Ever popular sh–house, lavatory and bog

Little girls or boys room, urinal, my god!

I think I’ve run out of terms at last 

Whew, now my bedtime’s passed.



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