Prompt-6-Our Trip

As a family we took trips all the time. The kids and I would do the yard work on a Friday so we could go camping or a short trip on the weekend, leaving no excuse for dad to say no. Sneaky, I know.  

Estes Park, in Colorado was one of our favorite places to go. Trips were easier after we purchased a used pop up camper and hitched it to our big blue Chevy station wagon. It also had the luxury of a heater, fridge and the five of us fit perfectly. The beds were surprisingly comfortable. The only controversy was whose turn it was to sleep on the bed made from adjusting the table. For myself, the most pleasant thing of all was unzipping the screened windows surrounding our bed and letting in the outside air, and the sounds of the forest.

One time in Estes Park, we camped in town. It was raining heavily, so we stayed inside the camper. It started to hail; huge balls of ice plummeted the roof and left permanent circular dents. That was not the worst part. It was so loud on the metal roof, we couldn’t hear our conversation. Pillows over our heads were useless.  

We always had a good time with that camper. When tenting, it always seemed to rain😳


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