Daily Post:  Territory

Ever notice kids on the playground? I used to be an aide at an elementary school and had to observe 96 sixth grade students’ behavior. It was a task, because first of all this “terrible group of miscreants” had to be kept away from the third graders’ territory on the playground. The bigger kids were left to stand around, not allowed to sit on the grassy bank, and there was no equipment or benches.  

You can envision the problem. And you can tell I felt sorry for them, having to look on at the smaller kids playing on playground equipment and swings. This lack of occupying the twelve year old minds led to some misbehavior, especially one particular boy. He always found a way to disobey the “rules”, one being not to ride your bike during these recesses. Of course he tried. As he rode by me I brought him to a stop. ( I was much stronger then😂). He threatened me and the rest of the kids surrounded me in a protective manner. It was a great feeling. Being outside was better than dodging thrown peas in the lunchroom😂.