Daily Prompt:  Acceptance

They used to say “everything’s fine and dandy”, I never hear that anymore. Maybe it’s the word dandy, like gay, or queer. All of those are perfectly good words, but today they are used in an entirely different, derogatory way. It’s like my using some swear words in my posts. I would never even thought those words years ago. The thought of actually writing them in public would have been shocking.

Is this acceptance? Is this the way it’s going to be? Going further and further into a state of disgrace? Okay, that may be overly stated. But if a man can be elected, not appointed, or by birth, but actually chosen, to a position of leading a huge nation of people, who is in my opinion, a disgraceful person, I think we’re on the path.

Acceptance of the new meanings of words, bad language in public, bad manners all around, hateful innuendos and even blatant disregard of others’ rights, are becoming the norm. Even my writing this is a public accusation. But it’s my right, right?  



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