The Secret Keeper-81

“Don’t be afraid. You have all the safety ropes and you can’t possibly fall. Now climb up to that ledge and I’ll meet you there.” Jack knew she could do it, she just needed to believe in herself. Besides, if anything should happen, the ropes would help him to catch her.  

He was so in love with Kim, he couldn’t imagine putting her in danger. She was beautiful, smart, but lacking confidence. He hoped this climbing lesson would help her realize how she was indeed capable. The first time he saw her was in the climbing gym in the city. Jack held classes there for kids wanting to try climbing. She was helping to monitor her fourth grade class and that’s how they met. There was an instant attraction on Jack’s part, but Kim seemed shy and busied herself with the children. From that meeting, to coffee, to a couple of dinner dates, and here they are, two months later at the park. He had climbed these cliffs often and knew that they probably looked intimidating to Kim. However he knew every ledge like the back of his hand and would not let her take a wrong step.  

Kim’s knees were shaking. She hesitated before moving up to the ledge. She had confidence in Jack’s ability. They had been at the climbing gym a few times practicing before this trip. His climbing techniques and prowess were almost poetic as he seemed to skim right up the cliff without fear. She on the other hand, was willing her knees to stop trembling so she could prove to herself that she was able to do this. She really liked Jack and admired his confidence. She also secretly wanted to show him she could conquer her fear.

“Are you okay? Only a little further. I’ve got you, Kim, no worries. I would never let anything happen to you.” He wanted her to succeed. This was just a small task, but he knew it was a huge accomplishment for her. A few more feet and he could join her on the ledge.  

Kim stepped up, she was determined. As she rested on the ledge, she watched Jack deftly, quickly, join her. In a couple of minutes he accomplished what seemed like hours for her. “If this were a contest, I would have the judges laughing at me!”

“Laughing? Kim, I’m so proud of you! You will always have my vote. I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. This seems like the perfect time. I love you.”

Weekly Writing Prompt #81


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