Prompt-34 Just Another Day…. for a Spy

He surveyed the landscape.  It might be possible to stay on the right and not be detected, but I think I’ll just settle here until dusk. Visibility will be limited for them.  I never started out to be a spy, or intelligence gatherer.  It came to me by birth.  My parents were both spies in the Second World War.  They were not the dangerous, carrying a gun and poisonous pill to swallow if you’re caught type of spies.  They were quiet, unassuming paper pushers in the business world.  They passed information they thought might be relevant, that was all.  

Growing up I had a normal life, no one cared about where my parents worked or our home life.  I didn’t really find out until I was in my twenties.  Here I am, a product of their beliefs and influence, doing what I think I should, in a new world with an uncertain future.  I do what I can to keep my countrymen safe.  It’s almost six, the sun will be setting soon.  The soldiers will be eating and then resting.  I’ll be able to sneak into the village then.