Daily Prompt: Pattern

Trying to use a sewing machine

Seems to make me want to scream

Patterns you use are made out of tissue

So light that it makes pinning an issue

Speaking of pins, ever notice they’re picky?

Need the right tip or pinning is tricky.

You lay out the pattern over the fabric

Then expect to cut it out just like magic

But the pattern moves even with pins

And scissors are causing the fabric to spin

So everything turns out a bit wacky

And your finished product looks quite tacky.

Save yourself the frustration honey, 

Shop and purchase clothes, spend the money!



11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pattern

  1. This poem takes me back to Home Economics class in middle school where I attempted to make a blouse which turned out a disaster. It never did fit quite right.
    So much for my domestic abilities!

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    1. I used to sew a lot. Proudest of a Christening outfit, gown and hat infant size. Tiny little cuffs and sleeves, but it turned out lovely. I used to make sleeping bags for the kids, Batman was the trickiest with all the spiky parts from his wings. Memories!☺

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  2. Love your sense of humour in this poem! I used to do some sewing when I was younger, patching up clothes that had holes but after a while, the stitches fell apart and I’d sew them again. Same thing happened. Eventually had to buy new clothes. The only thing that I will continuing sewing and patching up is my blanket of over 20+ years – I’ve had it since the day I was born πŸ™‚

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  3. This poem speaks to the countless hours you’ve spent laboring under a finicky sewing machine. While i can;t see the products of your sewing, I can see that this poem turned out well, so it’s not all bad πŸ˜‰

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