Tell me Something Good- 03/06/2017

“Dobby was a surprise to zoo officials — and not simply because, at 23 years old, Kipele is the oldest of the zoo’s giraffes. In fact, mother Kipele was using birth control at the time of her impregnation, and resisted initial attempts for veterinarians to perform ultrasounds.”

“Dobby is the first giraffe born at the Denver Zoo since October 2010, and is the offspring of Kipele and father Dikembe. Kipele was born at Denver Zoo in August 1993, while Dikembe was born at Colorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in December 1993 and came to Denver in February 1996. Along with adult females Masika and Heshimu, Dobby brings the zoo’s giraffe herd to five, officials said.”


Is this the cutest face or what!😍

Photo Credit *The Denver Post*


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